Step1 Create Your Market

You need to create your market after registration finished.

Step2 Add Items

There are no items after creating your market. Add your items at first.

Step3 Explain Items / Add Pictures

Explain your item and add pictures. You can add multiple pictures for each item.

Step4 Announce Your Market

If the market state is "Open", other users can find your items from market/item list.
You can introduce your market through Facebook and Twitter from top-right of the links as well.

Step5 Approve Requests

You can select a user who has sent a "buy" request.
After approve process, all of users who have sent request will receive a notification. Please do approve process for sure.

Step6 Send Additional Information By Message

You can send the location you will meet or exchange contact phone numbers with other users.
You can save your time by sending messages to all of the users who has been approved.

Step1 Request To Buy

If you want to buy an item, you can send a buy request from the description page of each item.

Step2 Send Message

You do not need to send messages to the market owner because the owner is notified when you click the Request to Buy button.
You can send a message to the owner if you want to ask about items or discuss the price.

Step3 Confirm Request Status

The status of each request will be shown in your home.
Discuss with the market owner through a message to decide the location and time to receive items.

Q. Do I need to pay to use this service?

A. No. You can use all of the Sale-N-Buy services for free.

Q. I have forgotten my password.

A. You can reset your password from Reset Password page by filling in your email address. Please check your spam folder if you don't receive any emails from Sale-N-Buy.

Q. I cannot receive a registration confirmation email.

A. Please check the spam folder of your email service. You can log in even if you haven't finished the confirmation process.

Q. How do I pay for the items I have requested?

A. Please ask the owner of the market. Normally, you can pay when you receive the items.

Q. What does "Market State" mean?

A. It indicates the permission of the current market.
Open: The market is opened to anyone on the Internet and anyone can reach the market through the item list or market list page.
Limited: The market is opened to anyone on the Internet, and anyone who knows the market address (URL) can access the market.
Closed: The owner only can access the market.

Q. How do I approve requests?

A. You can find requests for each item in your home. The first requested user will be shown on the top of each item. Then, you can approve each request by clicking the buttons.

Q. How do I set the item state SOLD OUT?

A. Each item will be set SOLD OUT when you approve a request. You can set the status SOLD OUT from your market by clicking each item.

Q. How do I delete my market?

A. You cannot delete your market currently. Please set the market state Closed if you want to hide your market from others.

If you didn't find the answer you were looking for, you can contact us.